Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Grijalva Explains Democrats Failure: We Didn't Spend Enough!

According to Arizona District 7 Rep Raul Grijalva, the reason for the failure of Obamacare, deeper Recession, higher unemployment and and spiraling housing prices? Well, three of four would all be Bush's fault, but, according to Grijalva, Dem's simply didn't burden our children with enough debt:
The party should have added a public option to the health-care reform bill and focused more on job creation in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, plus other "bold initiatives that were compromised out by people in more vulnerable districts," he said.
See, in Grijalvanomics, The way to solve economic problems is to spend more. if your pay goes down at work, ignore reality and spend more. Can't afford car payments? buy a bigger car! Like your doctor? keep him/her but spend more. Want to earn enough money to take care of yourself? Screw You!
See in Obamaland, the only thing that matters is fixing wrongs. wrongs from 200 years ago, wrongs that have already been fixed or can't be fixed, wrongs that might occur in the future, imaginary wrongs; none of that matters. Democrats WILL fix all the wrongs. or they will DO something to fix all the wrongs even if what they do is stupid and creates more wrong than it fixes. You see Dems don't care about actually fixing anything, they care about people associating DEMOCRAT with FIX.
The problem is that some things can't be fixed. some things must be lived with, handled head on, or ignored. Democrats like Grijalva can't deal with that.

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