Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grijalva and Dems Point Fingers While Oil Skimmer Sits

While Arizona's Raul Grijalva continues to criticize BP for its faulty safety record, he continues to ignore the Obama officials who approved BP's deepwater rigs. Grijalva's position of the House Interior Committee, give him ample opportunity to investigate "What the administration knew and when they knew about it." Instead Grijalva continues his talking points mantra pointing out the failure's if BP, which are moot, instead of the failures of the government, which could avert such a catastrophe in the future. Grijalva praises his name being mentioned on "Countmywatcherswithonehand with Keith ObertheTopermann," it is obvious Grijalva did not listen to Rolling Stone's Tim Dickinson's  comment in full. Dickinson criticizes Grijalva and the Interior Committee for not doing his job and investigating the White House and Interior Department officials. This from self described "liberals" in the media.
Skimmer Sits
 While liberals point fingers at everyone except their own, 10 skimmers, capable of removing up to 50,000 gallons a day, await Coast Guard permission, and . . .get this . . . EPA waivers, in order to help with the Gulf cleanup.
This and other government red tape continues to bog down the cleanup effort, threatening to destroy the economy of the Gulf States. Grijalva seems not to care, opting to support a president who is out of touch and his own inflated ego.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grijalva Talks Out of Both Sides of Mouth on Border Enforcement

District 7's Representative is playing politics again. this Time Raul Grijalva is criticizing the Obama administration for not sending more federal agents to the border.
Grijalva, after calling for a boycott of Arizona businesses over the state's demand for enforcement of law, now admits there are problems:
"I wrote a letter to the president June 10 requesting $300 million for the CBP and the General Services Administration to upgrade technology and infrastructure and ensure adequate CBP staffing across our southwestern border. As the letter notes, "The Greater Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority [. . .] reports a current operational deficit of 100 full time officers for both commercial and non-commercial operations. Douglas needs an additional 30 officers and San Luis needs another 40."
This would sound like a Republican talking, if it weren't for the fact that in his next breath, Grijalva criticizes fellow Arizonan John Kyle for creating a comprehensive plan for controlling Arizona's borders, a plan that the liberals in the Obama camp say they won't cooperate on until a million illegals receive amnesty and voting rights: 
It is becoming increasingly clear that Grijalva has no interest in cooperating with other Arizonans to secure our borders. His primary goal is getting reelected. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

If Only....John Wayne's Response to Liberal Bullying

Grijalva's supporters like intimidating opponents, this from a Ruth McClung email:

Rep. Grijalva's cousin came up to Ruth at a BBQ both Republicans and Democrats were invited to, and informed her, "The bumper stickers are mean-spirited."  Ruth said, "Raul boycotting Arizona was what was mean-spirited." He didn't like that answer... Go Ruth!

Reminds me of a recent encounter by Democrat Bob Etheridge and a student reporter, dubbed with John Wayne:

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blackmail, Extortion Just Everyday Politics for Grijalva, Progressives

Don't like a law? Picket, throw tortillas and boycott business. Twist arms, make unfounded claims of racism and then wave an American flag you don't really believe in.

Running low on cash for your socialist agenda? Force drilling in impossibly deep water, take money for inspections you never made, then when the worst happens throw up your arms in disgust, cut off all drilling, and say the company needs to take responsibility. Then, threatening an investigation, force the company to pay millions into a slush fund for workers you displaced so you can play god some more by blaming big companies for high unemployment and high gas prices while they finance your reelection.

Jealous of doctors making too much money? Create a health care law that forces doctors into retirement, increases cost and reduces competition in order to give government more power over people's lives and the ability to tax health expenses.

Not getting enough money from unions and other liberal doners? Create unaccountable mortgage lending institutions, allow them to force unlimited bad loans from banks to unqualified lenders, then blame the banks for "bad lending practices" while hiding millions in campaign contributions from these quasi-private institutions, while you continue to pump money into them.
In contrast, Grijalva's opponent, Ruth McClung is earning votes the old-fashioned way, by working. Here is a letter I recently recieved from a supporter:

I am Paul Jackson. I am trying to raise money for Ruth McClung so she can beat out the horrible Representative we have Congressman Grijalva. I am offering to mow your lawn, trim your yard, or bushes for a donation to Ruth's campaign, and you put a yard sign in your yard to help support Ruth. I am running this from 21 June to 21 July so get your yard taken care of and support Ruth. I am only one man, so first come first served. To make an appointment call me (Paul) at 928 783 2460.
Thank You
Don't like the slick way Dems use people and businesses to acquire power? Boycott Grijalva in November!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grijalva Sees Problem With Guns, Customs; Not With Illegal Crossings

 Representative Raul Grijalva has been busy this last couple weeks, doing everything he can to shore up his base while Teapartiers rally to defeat him in November. Grijalva is heaping servings for his constituents in an effort to garner votes. Since the first of June, fearful of the backlash that is mounting against liberals, Grijalva has bulleted his facebook page like a teenage girl in shop class. Pie anyone?

Illegal immigrants: After calling for a "targeted boycott of his home state of Arizona over 1070, Grijalva has been holding hearings on Capitol hill featuring crying children, in order to fulfill his promise to get rid of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose success is the inspiration behind 1070 and the bane of Amnesty proponents like Grijalva.

Environmental Wackos: Seven different articles on oil spill "regulations" (like Obama, Grijalva waited until early June to comment on the spill, including quoting ubberliberal blog Grist that spending 1 billion "retrofitting houses" is comparable to charging BP 40 billion for its cleanup? (liberals and their logic escapes me too).

Gays and Lesbians (and liberals who feel warm and fuzzy about them): Grijalva quotes an incomplete longitudinal study of adopted children of lesbians (created and funded by a lesbian organization out of San Francisco and praising the University of Arizona for funding partner benefits (in response to a lawsuit by gay faculty members. U of A faculty was one of Grijalva's largest contributors last election cycle, go figure).

Tax Junkies: Grijalva quotes a Progressive poll that says taxpayers "overwhelmingly support" increasing taxes on the rich. More manipulated research for liberals but, what the hey, if it motivates elitist liberals to send money, to Grijalva's war chest, who cares?
Veterans: Praising $400,000 to house homeless veterans in Tucson. (also praising the thousands of "jobs created or saved" by ObamaPAC stimulus, while 2 million more were lost).

Gun Control Freaks: Quoting articles that call terrorists "incompetent" while decrying the sale of guns in the US (aparently, Grijalva believes terrorists wouldn't be able to kill people if guns were outlawed in the United States), District 7's Schizophrenic Congressional Rep is now pondering the value of  . . . enforcing the border. Some might preemptively suppose that under pressure from constituents, the former school bureaucrat had seen the light on immigration. Nothing could be further from the truth. Unfortunately for law abiding citizens, Grijalva's idea of enforcing the border means increasing spending on customs checkpoints (seemingly, all those dogs and agents aren't doing there job and more money will make Cartels use them rather than driving through the desert and shooting innocent ranchers).

Will Grijalva's "Triangulation" of jobless poor, liberal professors, and Union money launderers enough to get him reelected? or will the wave of change reach even district 7? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he knows he is in trouble. Or does it?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Israel's Attempt to Protect Borders Mirrors Arizona

Rocket attacks by Hamas pose a real threat to civilians, both in Israel and Gaza, according to Human Rights Watch. Israel has a right to protect its borders from this very real threat.
Hamas assertions that civilians are not being targeted or that rockets are not hidden in civilian areas are ridiculously false:

In response to blatent disregard for human life by Hamas, Israel has the right to check ships bringing supplies into Gaza, to protect its borders.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

While your pay goes down, Grijalva Votes his own Raise

House Republicans brought a vote to the floor to freeze federal wages, including their own, this week, a savings of 30 billion for the federal government while millions of Americans are out of work and salaries nationwide are dropping. The Democrats response? It wouldn't be "fair" to hardworking federal employees (despite negative inflation for the last year). Raul Grijalva, who three weeks ago called for a boycott of Arizona, joined the vote,  along with two other Arizona dems, giving federal workers a 1.5% pay raise in addition to the 7% raise he has received since the beginning of the "Great Recession." So while your health insurance cost skyrocket, while salaries nationwide sink, while you struggle, your democratic representatives, in addition to making your life difficult, continue to line their pockets with your money. Makes perfect sense to me.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Check Out the Curves on this Recession

Raul Grijavla recently claimed that the Obama stimulus had created over one million jobs. The assertion would be funny if the facts weren't so absolutely tragic. The truth of the matter is that this looked like a mild recession until federal spending on the financial bailouts began in the fall of 2008. Worse yet, job loss during the implementation of the stimulus "package" looks like one of those wedgy-inducing water slides that requires extra chlorine. If efforts by the libs "softened" this recession, then I would like to know how much worse it could have  been without having wasted a trillion dollars in spending.