Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Grijalva and Dems Point Fingers While Oil Skimmer Sits

While Arizona's Raul Grijalva continues to criticize BP for its faulty safety record, he continues to ignore the Obama officials who approved BP's deepwater rigs. Grijalva's position of the House Interior Committee, give him ample opportunity to investigate "What the administration knew and when they knew about it." Instead Grijalva continues his talking points mantra pointing out the failure's if BP, which are moot, instead of the failures of the government, which could avert such a catastrophe in the future. Grijalva praises his name being mentioned on "Countmywatcherswithonehand with Keith ObertheTopermann," it is obvious Grijalva did not listen to Rolling Stone's Tim Dickinson's  comment in full. Dickinson criticizes Grijalva and the Interior Committee for not doing his job and investigating the White House and Interior Department officials. This from self described "liberals" in the media.
Skimmer Sits
 While liberals point fingers at everyone except their own, 10 skimmers, capable of removing up to 50,000 gallons a day, await Coast Guard permission, and . . .get this . . . EPA waivers, in order to help with the Gulf cleanup.
This and other government red tape continues to bog down the cleanup effort, threatening to destroy the economy of the Gulf States. Grijalva seems not to care, opting to support a president who is out of touch and his own inflated ego.