Thursday, June 3, 2010

While your pay goes down, Grijalva Votes his own Raise

House Republicans brought a vote to the floor to freeze federal wages, including their own, this week, a savings of 30 billion for the federal government while millions of Americans are out of work and salaries nationwide are dropping. The Democrats response? It wouldn't be "fair" to hardworking federal employees (despite negative inflation for the last year). Raul Grijalva, who three weeks ago called for a boycott of Arizona, joined the vote,  along with two other Arizona dems, giving federal workers a 1.5% pay raise in addition to the 7% raise he has received since the beginning of the "Great Recession." So while your health insurance cost skyrocket, while salaries nationwide sink, while you struggle, your democratic representatives, in addition to making your life difficult, continue to line their pockets with your money. Makes perfect sense to me.

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