Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blackmail, Extortion Just Everyday Politics for Grijalva, Progressives

Don't like a law? Picket, throw tortillas and boycott business. Twist arms, make unfounded claims of racism and then wave an American flag you don't really believe in.

Running low on cash for your socialist agenda? Force drilling in impossibly deep water, take money for inspections you never made, then when the worst happens throw up your arms in disgust, cut off all drilling, and say the company needs to take responsibility. Then, threatening an investigation, force the company to pay millions into a slush fund for workers you displaced so you can play god some more by blaming big companies for high unemployment and high gas prices while they finance your reelection.

Jealous of doctors making too much money? Create a health care law that forces doctors into retirement, increases cost and reduces competition in order to give government more power over people's lives and the ability to tax health expenses.

Not getting enough money from unions and other liberal doners? Create unaccountable mortgage lending institutions, allow them to force unlimited bad loans from banks to unqualified lenders, then blame the banks for "bad lending practices" while hiding millions in campaign contributions from these quasi-private institutions, while you continue to pump money into them.
In contrast, Grijalva's opponent, Ruth McClung is earning votes the old-fashioned way, by working. Here is a letter I recently recieved from a supporter:

I am Paul Jackson. I am trying to raise money for Ruth McClung so she can beat out the horrible Representative we have Congressman Grijalva. I am offering to mow your lawn, trim your yard, or bushes for a donation to Ruth's campaign, and you put a yard sign in your yard to help support Ruth. I am running this from 21 June to 21 July so get your yard taken care of and support Ruth. I am only one man, so first come first served. To make an appointment call me (Paul) at 928 783 2460.
Thank You
Don't like the slick way Dems use people and businesses to acquire power? Boycott Grijalva in November!

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