Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grijalva Talks Out of Both Sides of Mouth on Border Enforcement

District 7's Representative is playing politics again. this Time Raul Grijalva is criticizing the Obama administration for not sending more federal agents to the border.
Grijalva, after calling for a boycott of Arizona businesses over the state's demand for enforcement of law, now admits there are problems:
"I wrote a letter to the president June 10 requesting $300 million for the CBP and the General Services Administration to upgrade technology and infrastructure and ensure adequate CBP staffing across our southwestern border. As the letter notes, "The Greater Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority [. . .] reports a current operational deficit of 100 full time officers for both commercial and non-commercial operations. Douglas needs an additional 30 officers and San Luis needs another 40."
This would sound like a Republican talking, if it weren't for the fact that in his next breath, Grijalva criticizes fellow Arizonan John Kyle for creating a comprehensive plan for controlling Arizona's borders, a plan that the liberals in the Obama camp say they won't cooperate on until a million illegals receive amnesty and voting rights: 
It is becoming increasingly clear that Grijalva has no interest in cooperating with other Arizonans to secure our borders. His primary goal is getting reelected. 

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