Sunday, July 4, 2010

Grijalva Shows Patriotism:Votes to End War to Pay for Social Programs

Having voted for more deficit spending than any Congress in history, Raul Grijalva is now becoming frugal. Joining 100 liberal Democrats in voting against spending for American troops in harms way, Grijalva called Republican calls for budget cuts "hypocrisy," saying it will "take money away from Social Security and welfare programs."

It would seem to me Raul is the hypocrite. Saying he supports the troops, then making political hay over his own contempt for war is absolutely two-faced, not unlike his called-for boycott of his home state. Balking at supplemental military spending for a war he voted for while passing billions in "supplemental spending" on labor union kickbacks and expansion of unnecessary government intervention in health care defines hypocrisy. Some of us remember Grijalva and Pelosi making these same comments about the Iraq War, calling Petraus a liar and opposing funding. But it is not American troops in foreign lands who are betraying us. It is an overspending Congress with their own political agenda.
Send THEM home.

The following would never be heard at a Grijalva Rally:

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