Monday, July 5, 2010

Cut Spending? Congress Laughs at President

Stimulus, Bailouts, Reform. After promising a "new era of accountability," president Obama is now stuck with a Congress without any. A recent proposal by the President to send wasteful spending passed by Congress back for a "do over" was met with a chilly rception on Capitol Hill this week. Daniel No-Way as much as called the proposal unconstitutional.
Having pushed and had passed more spending than FDR (including World War II years), Obama has pretty much wasted his credibility with this Congress. In fact, there is increasing concern of a "Lame Duck" spending spree, in which liberals in Congress, voted out in November elections, might force through a laundry list of social spending that Obama could be stuck with for the rest of his presidency.
It is ironic that we have gone from a representative body that couldn't bring itself to pay for blankets for soldiers during our War of Independence, to a group addicted to spending. Send them back to their home states permanently.

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