Sunday, July 11, 2010

Grijalva Press Releases Miss the Point: Government IS The Problem

Raul Grijalva is spending most of his time heralding the Progressive New World Order while criticizing Americans who wish to put the breaks on the Obama spending spree. Take a few examples from his recent posts;

Congratulations to Abengoa, which is going to build the world's largest solar plant about 70 miles southwest of Phoenix. This is exactly the kind of investment in green energy and jobs we need to be making.

 Wrong. We don't need partial solutions to energy problems and solar is a partial solution. Granted, solar can provide surge power for Arizonans, but You can't put solar power in your gas tank and it is unavailable for 12 hours of the day. We need investment in nuclear power and our vast gas and oil resources. This will produce far more jobs and lower prices sooner than panels and windmills in the desert. But Dems are beholden to environmentalists, so nuclear and gas are off the table for Grijalva.

A new look at state budgets shows how hard our economy is hitting people at the local level. As the article says, "Over 40 states have cut back on services like education, health care, and help for the elderly to help balance their budgets."

 State problems are a direct result of lack of revenue from lower home values, small business bankruptcies, and corporate cuts, particularly in Arizona. The solution is not, as Grijalva's simplistic Progressive Caucus proposes, more deficit spending by the Federal government. The solution is stimulating business growth. Grijalva, Obama and liberals in Congress have done nothing to incentivize business since taking control. On the contrary, they have done everything in their power to spark fear among business owners, causing entrepreneurs and investors to hold on more tightly to their money, reducing profits and tax revenue.

More than 300,000 rebate checks went out this week to Medicare recipients who fall in the "donut hole" where prescription drug costs are not covered. These checks will help retirees afford medicines they need to manage chronic pain and other conditions. We shouldn't make them choose between their needed medication and other living expenses.

The "hole" is a direct result of Obamacare, left out of the original bill to keep costs under $1 trillion dollars. It is because of the flawed healthcare fiasco Grijalva supported that has Medicare patients spending more on Depends undergarments. The bill allows insurers to pass on their costs for the "donut" to you and me in the form of increased copays and drug prices. Seen your copay go up on drugs? Doctor not taking patients? Blame Obamacare.

Congratulations to Arizona for a new $1.6 million job training grant from the Department of Commerce. This kind of Recovery Act grant is helping people get back to work, especially in economically hard-hit areas.

Millions for job "Training" is useless when there are no jobs. Studies throughout the last 50 years show the ineffectiveness of this approach. Remember, despite what Dems will tell you, this is now Obama's economy, and it is NOT recovering. It is stagnating, and government spending for overpriced "jobs" programs are just making hard-working Americans more nervous with each new Billion in unaccounted spending.

The search for an AIDS vaccine has made good progress, although more remains to be done. An antibody has been identified that neutralizes 91 percent of HIV strains.

 Work has been going on for twenty years, mostly in the private sector and mostly funded during Bush I and Bush II administrations, not by the vocal but less appropriating Clinton years. The fact that a breakthrough comes now in a government lab is testimony to years of International and private groundwork which deserves most of the credit.

 Ever the politician, Grijalva continues to shade everything in partisan rhetoric, influenced by his years of reliance on the federal government for his salary and a conduit to his power. He needs some experience in the private sector. Give it to him in November.

Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States.
Ronald Reagan

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