Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thomas Sowell on Why Washington Intellectuals Don't Get It

When listening to Obama administration officials, their intellectuals, and the elected officials who listen to them, I sometimes feel like I am listening to people who reside on another planet. Part of the reason for that, I have come to believe, is that these people are enamored by the "experts," college professors and think tank mouthpieces that feed policy initiatives to them. Unable to think for themselves, they listen to and depend upon policy experts to make their decisions. Thomas Sowell, in his book, Intellectuals and Society, explains the role these intellectuals have played in creating disastrous policy in American history:

Sowell explains why Raul Grijalva and Barak Obama are convinced that extending unemployment benefits and increasing taxes will somehow help "stimulate" the economy. It also explains why Grijalva's largest donor is the University of Arizona faculty organization. They are applauding the Failed stimulus, the failed bank reform, Obamacare, and Cap and Trade, despite the fact that these initiatives, together will bankrupt our nation. I have something to say to our elected and soon to be elected representatives in Washington: Stop listening to these morons!

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