Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Democrats Twist Their Facts and Blame Opponents for Their Faults

A recent "discussion on Fox News between Megyn Kelly and an administration mouthpiece highlights the way Democrats choose to enter the debate going into midterm elections. As you watch this observe the threefold strategy to refute all arguments posed by voters to their elected officials that seem to criticize Democratic policies since gaining complete control of our government in the 2008 elections. Here are the "talking points" responses:

1. Deny. When constituents ask about Democrat policies and "what is in the bill," belittle them by saying they get their information from Rush Limbaugh or the internet even when they have their facts straight and you know it.

2. Ask a question that deflects away from the issue. When a reporter asks about Justice Department policy, Ask them why they didn't question the whistleblower about their sources.

3. Blame Bush. Apparently all the problems that the Obama administration has faced are the fault of Bush and Conservative policies despite the economic, legal, and budgetary facts in the hope that people are too lazy to do their research. It's getting old for most people, but the liberal base still buys it and hey, it worked in 2008, why not now?

4. Call them racist. This is also getting old for most people, but again, it gets the hair on the necks of the liberal base up and, since no one likes being called a racist, thoughtful people will pause and self evaluate, "Was I being racist?" Liberals assume they are not, because, well, they are liberals and liberals are NEVER racist.

Unfortunately for liberals, people are becoming tired of their excuses. Megynn Kelly's catfight with Liberal Kirsten Powers is an example of the sort of thing we are likely to see more of in the coming months:


Is Raul Grijalva different? Hardly. He has denied responsibility for deficit spending he voted for and a boycott that has hurt Arizona's economy. He deflects questions about oversight of White House complicity in the BP disaster. He blames Bush for everything from the trillions in deficit spending Grijalva himself voted for to gray hair on coyotes in his district. He has called everyone racist who is not Grijalva or a Grijalva supporter. And he refuses to represent anyone who does not share his point of view. It's time to stop listening to liberals and start confronting them with the facts until THEY listen.

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