Sunday, November 8, 2009

New ABC Series "V" Takes Whack at Obama

The media has been fawning all over Obama since his coronation in January. Now a new Sci Fi series takes aim at Obama's liberal promises of a new world order. In the remake series "V" an alien race arrives and promises prosperity and "Universal Health Care" in exchange for "simple resources which are abundant on your planet." The Visitors' charisma-charged leaders' treatment of the media is eerily familiar to those who have watched recent Obama official's tiffs with Fox News:

Turns out the aliens have been here for years, infiltrating the population in preparation for their messianic arrival. Turns out they are really hungry man-eating lizards in disguise, coming to take complete control of the planet in a coup of outwardly goodwill and friendship, while secretly planning the demise of all human life. A priest questions the Visitors' opportunistic offers: "The world's in bad shape. Who wouldn't welcome a savior right now?" then adds when a fellow priest tells him to trust the smiling Obama...Ana,
"No one is saying don't trust the Visitors. But don't they need to earn our trust?"
The series says a lot to those of us who are willing to blindly trust leaders who tell us what we want to hear to earn our trust, only to devour our very souls.

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