Friday, November 13, 2009

Obama to "Purge" Opposition from Federal Workforce

After winning the White House, after taking control of the House and the Senate, what will the Democrats do now? Not go to Disneyland. In their effort to take total control of Americans' lives, their next step is to completely control the U.S. government. Last week, the Obama administration took steps to change a longstanding (since the first Democrat administration under Jefferson) policy of keeping appointed bureaucrats from previous administrations as career government employees. in the 1790s one of the Supreme Courts' first rulings ruled that an administration could not remove or harass a government official for simply political purposes. Since then the policy of each administration has been to allow appointed bureaucrats from previous administrations to move to non-appointed posts to maintain a smooth transition and a nonpartisan approach to federal policies. The Obama administration is proposing to change that. A memo to all branches of the federal government mandates an "evaluation of each transfer of an appointed post." Rush Limbaugh explains the impact:
Real Clear Politics
The ramifications of political party leaders being able to overhaul every branch of the federal government is monumental. To give you an idea, every dictator in history has competed a similar purge of civil service opposition as a precursor taking absolute power. Hitler used the Night of Long Knives as a cover for removing all opposition party members from government positions. Stalin had a similar purge. Obama's move is a two-bit third world dictator move to grab power. It needs to be stopped.

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