Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Democratic Party Thugs show True Colors in Kennedy Campaign

We have been given a taste this week of what the 2010 mid-term election campaign will look like from the Martha Coakley Campaign in Massachusetts. A "volunteer" from the  Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee stopped reporter John McCormack after a press conference by pushing him to the ground, then seemingly helping him up, only to push him to the ground again. Michael Meehan, a "veteran campaign worker," (he heads his own liberal consulting firm admitted being "a little rough" with McCormack. Here's the video, decide for yourself:

It seems a little ironic that Coakley would talk about "outsiders" influencing the Massachusetts campaign, then rush to catch a plane for a fundraiser in Washington, D.C. while a "volunteer" from outside her district knocks around a reporter that asks a question she doesn't want to answer.

Expect the same type of Chicago-style treatment from Democratic campaign workers as the 2010 elections approach. Raul Grijalva's stocking of small forums with bussed in workers will be nothing compared to the all out blitz to suppress criticism of Democratic candidates and raise money from outside of districts to fund liberal candidates that is to come. Grijalva's campaign recently signed on to ActBlue as part of the Democrat online fundraiser's promise to contribute to candidates who supported socialized medicine (I mean the Public Option). So while Grijalva whines to Governor Brewer for pointing out how Obamacare will hurt Arizona (arguments he pulls out of his large .... shirt according to the head of AHCCCS), he is shoveling money into his campaign for reelection from liberals in Boston and San Francisco. It's all par for the course. Chicago politicians and Union bosses are in control now. They are not going to go down without a fight.

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