Friday, January 1, 2010

Liberal Bloggers show their True Colors in Comments about Limbaugh

In May, upon news of Ted Kennedy's diagnosis of a brain tumor, these were the headlines:

Examples of conservatives and Republicans who have invoked Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's name in depicting liberals (from Fox News. No other news agency had critical comments I could find:
_In a January 2007 appearance on Fox News' "The O'Reilly Factor," conservative radio host Laura Ingraham said, "If the Islamists have their way, what Ted Kennedy and the liberals don't seem to understand, they would be the first people put up against the wall and shot."

_ In October 2006 during her campaign for Senate, Rep. Katherine Harris, R-Fla., said: "And even when Democrats and independents hear our message and find out that Bill Nelson has voted to the left of Hillary Clinton, according to the National Journal's ratings, then they realize that, while there are a lot of Democrats and independents, they're not Ted Kennedy Democrats." She was speaking on Fox News' "Hannity & Colmes" show.
_ In his final televised debate with Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., before the 2006 election, former Sen. George Allen, R-Va., referred to Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and others as Webb's friends during an argument about the minimum wage and tax cuts.
_ While campaigning for a Republican candidate in Florida in October 2006, Vice President Dick Cheney said, "I don't need to tell you what kind of legislation would come to us by way of committee chairmen like Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, John Conyers, Henry Waxman, Barney Frank or Jay Rockefeller."

These were the worst of the comments I could find. Then there was these responses:

USA Today described reactions from Conservatives:

It's just that his reputation as a consummate legislator and amiable Senate colleague has taken off much of the edge and helped to offset the darker depiction by some conservatives. Under the shadow of his illness, almost nobody is taking pot shots at him these days.
Alabama Republican House candidate Jay Love was running a campaign commercial that showed pictures of Pelosi, Clinton and Kennedy and vowed to work against "their" liberal agenda if elected. But after news of Kennedy's illness, the commercial was remade with Kennedy's image replaced by that of Democratic front-runner Obama.
Bush, who disparaged Kennedy during the 2000 presidential campaign, recently saluted him as "a man of tremendous courage, remarkable strength and powerful spirit."
"Take care of my friend," Bush told Kennedy's wife, Vicki.
Bush has hosted Kennedy socially at the White House and worked with him to pass two of his major domestic initiatives, the No Child Left Behind education law and a Medicare prescription drug benefit.
Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, about as conservative a Republican as they come, shed tears over the news that Kennedy had a brain tumor, calling Kennedy "a brother."

In Contrast, these were the comments yesterday to news that Rush Limbaugh, Conservative talkshow host who has given voice to the views of millions of Conservative Americans for 20 years:

'Left Ecstatic,' notes ZIP at the Weasel Zippers blog, aggregating some of the more explicit wishes for Rush Limbaugh's death while adding his own prayer for a recovery. He decides the "worst one of the night (so far)" is from calickizzle: "not only do I hope Rush dies, but I hope every #tcot drinks a bottle of cancer as well!" Responds calicizzle, not necessarily to Weasel Zippers, "every #tcot who danced a jig when Ted K. died & prayed that Sen. Byrd would die should STFU about libs & Rush."

It’s mean to wish Rush Limbaugh dead
~ I would, I have no compassion for the base, the callous, the judgmental. As Scrooge said, best to reduce the surplus population.
~ I am liberal, but I have compassion. For those who do not make millions out of spreading misery, intolerance and hate. I have no more compassion for Limbaugh than anyone should’ve had for Josef Goebbels.
~ piss on him. he’s a terrorist w/ a microphone instead of a gun.
~ Hitler and Stalin had families too. Didn’t make them less horrible.Dick Cheney has grandkids that I’m sure he loves very much–but he’s still an evil, pulsating boil on the ass of the country.
~ It’s Rush who has the boil on the ass, not cheney. cheney is just a robot for the saudis–a tin man with no heart.
~ Okay. I wish he’d never been born. Better?
~ I wish he would stop lying and making money fucking this country up, If it takes his death to make that happen, f### it
~ I am an inglorious bastard. Die, motherf###er, die. (This persons avatar is a peace sign…what a joke!)
~ These monsters will live forever.It’s only our people who die young.
~ how about if i wish him to get a cancer that would slowly rot his brain for the next 30 years?

~ This is tragic. If he dies, millions of conservative won’t have anyone to tell them what to think.
~ Sometimes it takes divine intervention to free the world of another scumbag. He kept running his mouth even when is own party was sticking it to him. No love lost here. Goodbye dirtbag. There is less pollution in the world now. Do NOT R.I.P. burn baby burn.

~ Maybe there is a God.
~ In response to the comments above…I hope he dies. But, if it is any consolation I wish it to be a painless death surrounded by loved ones.
~ I’ve suddenly become religious, and I’m praying for this bigot’s quick demise! Good riddance scumbag!
~ It is like a late Christmas present! You know the one dropped in the chimney that you find a day or too later. Hurray!
~ “…I wish it to be a painless death surrounded by loved ones.”  By loved ones, you mean oxycontin dealers, right?
~ I can’t wait to put on my tap shoes and dance on his grave…. Happy New Year!
~ Ok Im gonna sleep with a smile in my face.
~ please don’t let him die… please don’t let him die…please don’t let him die, Let him live for another 30 years in a diaper and on a feeding tube.
~ People are “praying for his recovery?” Are you f###ing kidding me? Limbaugh is one of the most destructive, un-American, homophobic forces in media. He’s a racist and misogynist to boot. He’s made millions dumbing down his audience.  I hope his doctor has a hangover and his nurse is blind. May he die a slow and painful death.
No media bias? Liberals only doing what Conservatives did to Ted Kennedy? Rush Limbaugh is a polite, albeit loud, voice for Conservative politics in this country. In contrast Liberal bloggers and their smears against  Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin (orchestrated by Campaign leaders with the blessing of Obama) are what brought Obama to the White House. These people have a right to speak their political mind, but voters have a right to know exactly what type of people the administration draws its support from and feeds off. Remember in November.

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