Thursday, March 25, 2010

CIS article on Grijalva "Insightful"

    One of the most comprehensive articles about our own Raul Grijalva can be found at the Center for Immigration Studies  Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist Jerry Kammer has done research that looked beneath the "coalition-builder" to find the true Grijalva: a La Raza radical, turned smooth politician. He gives several examples in which Grijalva has shown his true colors, including the following run-in with fellow liberal Janet Napolitano:

In 2006, when Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano called for increased National Guard presence on the border to stem illegal immigration and drug trafficking that had spread violence across the state, Grijalva complained that the decision was an insult to Mexican Americans that was rooted in racial considerations.
“Anglo-Saxon men make the strategy for her,” he said in an interview with a Spanish-language newspaper in Yuma. Speaking later with an English-language paper, he said that he hadn’t meant that the governor’s policy was motivated by racism, only that it was “not inclusive.”24

Sounds like the national Socialists of the 30s. Rile up your audience, make them hate, make them cry "racist" while you hide behind your language and ethnicity, blaming it for your own racism, Raul.)
In 2008, Grijalva blasted Democratic leaders in the House who allowed hearings on legislation to boost border security and crack down on employers of illegal immigrants: HR 4088, the Secure America with Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act, introduced November 6, 2007. The move was an election-year tactic, providing cover for the large group of freshmen Democrats who represented conservative districts, including the bill’s sponsor, North Carolina’s Heath Shuler. He also blasted Democratic leaders as “spineless” for not moving ahead with the controversial, comprehensive reforms he favored.25

 (Grijalva's likes to play the poor angry Mexican, but really just uses his anger as a caricature for political gain. As in the current Healthcare debate, he cares only for his party agenda, not for his constituents, not even for Mexican Americans who would be hurt by his legislative agenda).
In the spring of 2009, Grijalva lashed out at Pima County’s sheriff, who had linked South Tucson’s crime rate and social problems to illegal immigration. Sheriff Dupnik, a Democrat, had said: “Whether you are talking about school performance, or dropouts, or gang affiliation, or one-parent homes or poverty, you name the social problem, that’s where they are all concentrated. That has to do with illegal immigration.”26
Grijalva blasted Dupnik: “To make a categorical statement that all the crime and the dysfunction in Tucson and Pima County emanates from one part of the community is outrageous and it’s stereotypical and … creates racial tension where they shouldn’t be,” he said 

(So, according to Grijalva, even identifying illegal aliens in Tucson as a contributing factor to the crime rate is racist (and remember, the Sheriff's Department had all the statistics at their finger tips. He was summarizing what arrest rates had born out)

Grijalva’s sharpest barbs have been directed at armed civilian groups that in 2002 began patrolling the Mexican border to spot illegal crossers and report them to the Border Patrol. He called them “racist” and “cockroaches.”
Ten years later, we have thousands of border patrol agents on the border. they are regularly pelted with rocks, assaulted and shot at. Last year one was killed. Racists Mr. Grijalva? Cockroaches? that is what you have called defenders of our borders.

A representative for all of southern Arizona? or just angry?

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