Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grijalva Vote to Hide Vote on Health Care in the House: Representing Who?

Today Grijalva had the opportunity to stand up against Nancy Pelosi's attempts to allow Democrats to hide behind procedure instead of fulfilling their promise to be "the most open Congress ever." On a none-binding censure of the House Leadership for use of the "Slaughter Solution," Grijalva voted to table any criticism of the watered-down Senate bill he promised he would never vote for. The Slaughter provision would allow the House to pass the Senate health care bill without voting on it, allowing House members to avoid any responsibility for a bill that would mean the largest increase in taxes and government power in recent history (and wouldn't take effect until most were out of office). Grijalva, in his last chance to be honest about Obamacare, is showing his true colors, voting to hide his vote on the healthcare government takeover, by voting against the following:

Whereas on Tuesday, March 16, The Washington Post reported,
‘‘After laying the groundwork for a decisive vote
this week on the Senate’s health-care bill, House Speaker
Nancy Pelosi suggested Monday that she might attempt
to pass the measure without having members vote on it.

Instead, Pelosi (D–Calif.) would rely on a procedural
sleight of hand. . .’’;
Whereas in the same Washington Post article, the Speaker
declared, ‘‘. . .I like it because people don’t have to vote
on the Senate bill.’’
Whereas bipartisan members of the House and Senate have
expressed their opposition to using the Slaughter Solution;
Whereas on Wednesday, March 10, Representative Joe Donnelly
released the following statement, ‘‘The process over
the past few months has been frustrating, including the
cutting of unacceptable special deals to assure a few senators’
Whereas Representative Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania has
characterized the exploitation of the Slaughter Solution
by Democratic Leadership as ‘‘wrong’’ and unpopular
among his constituents;
Whereas on Friday, March 12, POLITICO reported on a
memo sent from Representative Chris Van Hollen, chairman
of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee,
to freshman and sophomore House Democrats
that stated, ‘‘At this point, we have to just rip the bandaid
off. . . Things like reconciliation and what the rules
committee does is INSIDE BASEBALL.’’;
Whereas on Tuesday, March 16, Roll Call reported, ‘‘Hoyer
argued that the American public isn’t interested in the
process lawmakers use for approving reforms. . .’’;
Whereas on Tuesday, March 16, Representative James Clyburn
told Fox News, ‘‘Controversy doesn’t bother me at
Whereas the Democratic leadership of the House has conducted
a calculated and coordinated attempt to willfully
deceive the American people by embracing the ‘‘Slaughter
Whereas resorting to the ‘‘Slaughter Solution’’ in this circumstance,
is being done to intentionally hide from the
American people a future vote that Members of Congress
may take on the Senate-passed health care legislation;
Whereas the deceptive behavior demonstrated by the Democratic
Leadership has brought discredit upon the House
of Representatives; and
Whereas the Democratic leadership has willfully abused its
power to chart a legislative course for the Senate health
care bill that is deliberately calculated to obfuscate what
the House will vote on, in an illegitimate effort to confuse
the public and thereby fraudulently insulate certain Representatives
from accountability for their conduct of their
offices: Now, therefore, be it
1 Resolved, That the House disapproves of the
2 malfeasant manner in which the Democratic Leadership
3 has thereby discharged the duties of their offices.

Grijalva supports Pelosi, her strong-armed tactics and backroom threats. The kind of person to represent Arizona? I don't think so.

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