Friday, July 24, 2009

Grijalva's star rises or falls with Obamacare

Today in his blog, Raul Grijalva spoke condescendingly of Blue Dog Democrats who support debate on President Obama's government payer Health Reform bill, a plan Grijalva helped craft.
“Whose interest do the Blue Dogs serve if they vote no?” Grijalva said. “They should check with uninsured families and other interests that go beyond K Street.”
Is Grijalva so completely out of touch that constituents who have to live with this obscene bill should not have a say in it?
The Health care bill is in trouble. President Obama went on television on Wednesday and literally lied about provisions in the proposal, including taxing self payers and the rights of insured. The president seems to know little about many of the provisions of this monstrosity. Grijalva, however, knows it front to back. He has been in continuous contact with "Progressive" and Reform groups who contributed to his campaign through ACORN and other liberal funnels. He is a leader of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, meaning he supports higher taxes and government deficit spending. Grijalva was the first to sign the progressive promise, provisions of which are in both the Obama administration's stimulus package and the Health Care reform bill: In his position on the Education and Labor Committee, he insisted on the provision in the health care bill which requires a government payer provision to the bill. What that means to those of us with health insurance is that employers may drop existing insurance in favor of the government's plan. What THAT means is that President is lying when he says you can keep your insurance; your insurance is completely up to your employer. In addition, Grijalva's Progressive caucus insisted on a "tax" for persons who choose not to have health insurance and pay out of pocket, even if they have the ability to do so. Make no mistake, the worst of the Health Care bill's provisions are directly linked to Arizona's Congressional District 7 representative. We have the ability to influence or change this thing if we speak up. Let Rep. Grijalva know how you feel about increasing your taxes to pay for HIS Healthcare reform.

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