Tuesday, July 28, 2009

NOW Obama wants Small business Input

After two weeks of hearing from Barak Obama that his health care plan is perfect, we now hear that he wants small business input presumably in order to make changes to it. If you own a small business, be sure to voice your opinion.


Obama is asking small business owners for their input and, based on my observations, they are giving him an earful. They don't want mandatory coverage or public payer options, they want more competition and less cost, and most importantly, they want the right to negotiate collectively with insurance companies for better coverages and rates (something that President George W. Bush proposed three times during his tenure and was vetoed by the Democratic Congress).
Are we likely to hear any of these legitimate concerns in Obama's Wednesday town hall meeting? Doubtful. But you can bet these suggestions will be included in negotiations with Blue Dog Democrats in the Fall. You can also be sure that Raul Grijalva, Arizona's District 7 representative in the House, will ignore them.
Oh, and why is the president asking for input now, after two weeks of pushing his wonderful Health Care Plan? Is it because he is committed to the best Health care bill possible? No. If that were the case, he would have asked the American people and opponents for their input in January, rather than shoving a bill designed by the Progressive Caucus down our throats. No, the president is compromising because if the bill as written by his administration doesn't pass (and right now it looks like it won't), it will be all about Barak Obama's legacy. he is doing this to save face, not to do the right thing. Power to the People!

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