Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Raul Grijalva is out of touch

Southern Arizona's District 7 Representative Raul Grijalva recently posted his excitement over voting for HR 3200 the House version of the Health reform Bill proposed by President Barak Obama, a bill that the Congressional Budget Office estimates will cost Americans more than 1 trillion dollars over ten years. When constituents began calling Grijalva's office to complain, how did Southern Arizona's representative respond? He asked the director of American's for Tax Relief, a radical Washington interest group, to write an explanation and post it on his website. And what was Washington Wizkid Steve Wamhoff answer to paying for this monstrosity? Arizonan's can pay more taxes http://www.ctj.org/payingforhealthcare/az.pdf. That's fine for Grijalva, he is exempt from the healthcare plan. But what about the rest of us? What about the promises made by President Obama and repeated by Grijalva that taxes would not increase? Grijalva loves to talk about the stimulus money he has brought to Arizona, but what about the costs. Grijalva and other Democrats seem to live in a world where debt is irrelevant. Like an insecure absent parent, they walk into the room with the video game system and the plasma tv and say, "look what I brought you, family, isn't this nice? Doesn't it make you like me?" while the family debt goes through the roof.

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