Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why can't Southern Arizona have a "Real" Congressperson?

Trent Franks articulated well the problems with Obama's health care reform on Fox News Friday:

"The American people understand how far this administration has taken us. . . the word to use for it is bizarre. . . It just seems the Obama administration is taking us in the exact opposite of the American ideal of Freedom and individual responsibility."

Georgia Representative Tom Price, a doctor, is full of ideas that are bipartisan and can be passed to improve health care without busting the budget or forcing insurance on Americans:

"There is no reason why we as a society should give the ability to the Federal government to be making medical decisions for you and your family at all."

Jeff Flake, who has also has proposed effective and less costly healthcare reform, demonstrates how to do a townhall:
His description and criticism of Obamacare is clear and practical:
"This legislation creates an (organizational) chart that only Rube Goldberg could love placing dozens of boards and commissions and individuals and organizations between you and your doctor and it will not control costs and it won't improve quality and that's what we should look for in terms of health care reform."

So what great ideas does Arizona District 7's own Raul Grijalva have for representing our views and reforming healthcare? let's see:
" If this bill does not contain a public option, that isuniversal health care, then it is not worth supporting and I won't support it."
There you go. Grijalva is willing to harpoon any bill that does not result in socialized, universal health care his final goal for Arizona. Even though such a plan has been shown to cost billions, is ineffecient, and will result in poorer health care for all Americans.
When will we elect a real American to represent us?

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