Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day: Celebrating the Uniqueness of European White Christian Men

"In Fourteen hundred ninety two, Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue." For two hundred years, Americans recognized the first documented settlement of Europeans in the Western Hemisphere, the introduction of Christianity to the America's and the beginning of a renaissance of cultural and and agricultural transference known as the Columbian Exchange. Then along came the Progressive movement with its historical revisionism to downgrade Columbus to "unholiday" status, lump George Washington and Abraham Lincoln into one day (even though they are 70 years apart from different parts of the country) and replace them with holidays for everything from Rosh Hashanna to May Day.
I for one am sick of the systematic emasculation of European heterosexual Christian men in the name of "Cultural diversity." So from now on, I will no longer celebrate all those fake holidays that have nothing to do with American freedoms or the Christian faith. I will proudly fly my flag on October 12th in honor of all those white American Christian men who died while exploring the unknown, or died while fighting "Native Americans" who wanted to scalp them and steal their wives and children, or who died fighting against slavery, or Communism, or terrorism, or any other isms that opposed the freedom of people throughout the world. Because those men made up the vast majority of the war dead, influenza ravaged, as well as the statesmen and world-changers that made this continent, and this world a free place for my children to live in. So while I respect the diversity of cultures and viewpoints that flourish in this country, I can never forget that diversity survives, and peace survives because of the diligence and vision of a few white men, men like Christopher Columbus.

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