Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Lies from Grijalva on healthcare

It is clear from listening to the man that Raul Grijalva's experience in economics is based on writing grants for federal funding and then overspending. The man seems to believe that money grows on trees, is harvested by farmworkers for the government and is available for anyone who can pull the right strings in Washington.
Take the latest example of Grijalva's spend and spend some more philosophy of government: Socialized medicine in the form of a "robust public option," translated robust (big) public (government) option (mandate). In his latest editorial Grijalva supports this 110 billion destruction of our childrens' economy with blatant lies about "the money a public option will save." Here's some truth-enhanced quotes:

"A robust public option, paying fair and consistent rates around the country, will hold insurance companies accountable and provide legitimate competition, thereby reducing costs for all Americans."
It will do no such thing. Like Medicare, which it is modeled after, it will spiral costs even higher. Grijalva knows nothing about healthcare cost controls and is getting his figures from liberal models that have failed in Massachusetts and Maine.
The 2008 census found 46.3 million Americans with absolutely no health insurance. No they have ACCHS or the equivalent in other states if they qualify. If they do not then, according to the new bill they will be required to pay. This is not due to a lack of consumer responsibility, as some conservative commentators suggest. Yet the Democrats' bill would force every consumer, whether they want to or not to pay, punishing them by implying that they are not responsible. So apparently "some conservative commentators" are correct since Democrats are ready to "make people responsible"(typical of Democrats, don't call people stupid, just treat them as if they were). It's due to a broken insurance marketplace that needs strong competition as soon as possible. Competition? From the government? That's like Military Intelligence or Friendly fire. Get real Raul. When was the last time you experienced competition in a marketplace for a job that didn't include government funds or a lifetime pension and benefits?

Healthcare legislation has been negotiated, amended, assessed and reassessed throughout the course of the year, and CBO experts have been hard at work every step of the way calculating the effects of each change. Yes, and the figures just keep going up. Some members are still holding out against a robust public option because, they want to be responsible and not spend money that is not available to create a new government agency that will add to our national debt without improving anything about healthcare in this country. ...despite the analysis to date hailing it as the greatest money-saving measure we can enact, they remain unconvinced. Analysis by liberal thinktanks that has convinced no one except liberal tax and spenders like Raul. Leadership has worked hard to craft a bill that brings down costs, cuts the overall price tag and extends coverage to as many Americans as possible. Calling Nancy Pelosi "leadership" is like calling my Chihuahua deadly. in addition the "bills" before Congress show no realistic indication of bringing down costs or extending coverage. In fact, every single objective indicator shows the exact opposite. The continued resistance of some members to effective, comprehensive reform at this point seems less about fiscal responsibility and more about unrealistic and ill-defined expectations. To call this "effective, comprehensive reform" would be calling Rosanne Barr "svelte and sexy." Even with the robust plan that I and over 200 other members support, If 200 members support it then you should have no trouble passing it. They don't and you will. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius will be allowed to negotiate rates in certain areas if she identifies over- or undercompensated providers. Oh, I feel better already. With the "Cough Nazi" in charge how can anything go wrong?!" There is truly no reason to object to the robust option... I object "robustly" as will most of Congress when they listen to their constituents and all that is Holy and good in the world.

Paying Medicare-plus-five saves more costs, to the government and to consumers, than any alternative. It is the real fiscally responsible solution to America's healthcare problems. Actually, paying every American $500,000 to spend on health care any way he or she wants would "save" as much and make more sense than this bill which saves nothing except Raul Grijalva's job and the jobs of hundreds of bureaucrats on the dole in Washington.

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