Thursday, October 29, 2009

Throwing the American People Under the Bus

It has become obvious with the unveiling of the Democratic 1900 page "plan to fix healthcare." by Nancy Pelosi today that liberal Democrats are willing to do whatever it takes to create a socialist-style bureaucracy that controls as much of American's lives as possible in the little time they have left in office. There are virtually no changes in the bill proposed by Pelosi and the Democrats from the one proposed by Democrats in May and which was the topic of outrage at townhall meetings across the country. Again, I repeat myself, if the Democrats are interested in "fixing healthcare," this is not a way to do it. Evidence of note: Republican and Independent congresspersons have introduced no less than 10 plans while Democrats were mulling this monstrous Universal Health Slavery package, all of which were slammed to the floor in committee because the "did not do enough." The purpose of Obamacare is not to fix ourhealthcare system (unless by fix you mean fewer doctors, longer waits and further escalating prices for service). the purpose is to create a welfare state that cannot operate without government spending.
Need an Example? Obama's stimulus package handed out billions for "shovel ready projects" (meaning projects already planned for by local governments). In exchange for federal money to start work, contractors were asked to report number of jobs "saved or created." What a rediculous requirement. These were projects that were going to happen anyway and most were short term. In Yuma, 16th St. and Avenue A projects will both be completed in less than a year and contractors will then be looking for more work. meanwhile, other private-financed jobs have been shelved because the federal money attracted contractors bids first. This type of spending has the effect of deepening the recession by limiting job growth to federal funds instead of creating competition.
The same is true of healthcare. The answer is not more government spending, the answer is encouraging competition and entreprenuership among providers, not fixing prices. Democrats have been fixated on forcing Americans into a Universal System that has proven costly and is intended to drive wealthy Americans and their investment capital overseas, to be replaced by Chinese debt notes. The money they are looking to pay to run their shiny new train will leave for greener pastures and more lucrative investment opportunities overseas. But the Democrats won't care, they will have gotten what they wanted: enslavement of the American ideal of free enterprise and opportunity to taxes to pay for bigger and bigger government.

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