Friday, May 28, 2010

Bill Clinton: Back in the News Amid Scandal, Political Favors

Obscurred today by the news of Obama in the Gulf is the "specter" of the alleged influence of election in the Joe Sistak/Arlen Specter primary.
Sistak claims that the Obama administration offered him a federal position in exchange for his dropping out of a Pennsylvania House primary against Arlen Specter. The White House today released a legal memo claiming the offer was a non-paying position, and made by Clinton.
Clinton, who has shown his ability to lie strait-faced to the American public under oath, is the perfect middle man for committing a federal, impeachable crime. His ability to save his own presidency by demonizing the women he has abused in his sexual addiction. Let's not forget what Clinton, a 50 year old man, did to a 21 year old in what has been called the "Monica Lewinsky affair."
In a London Times interview last year, Barbara Hudson, former Lewinsky publicist describes what Clinton did to the former intern to save his presidency:
"...She was 21 years old, it was a stupid thing. She made a mistake. Look at all the girls who are doing crazy things now.”
Hutson says the Clinton Administration tried to ruin Lewinsky’s reputation. “They destroyed her and never apologised. They ruined this girl’s life. Every major company here has somebody on the board who is friends with Bill. They are not going to give her a job no matter how smart she is.”
Hutson says that when Nixon and Reagan were engulfed by scandal the stories were called Watergate and Iran-Contra, but the emphasis of the 1998 scandal was put on the intern rather than the President. She says the media were influenced by the White House to coin the phrases Monicagate and the Lewinsky scandal. It is hard to imagine that such nomenclature was uppermost in the minds of presidential aides at the time but Hutson believes “very simply they put it all on her and for ever that will haunt her. She is a private citizen and her name is mud, her family’s name. Why didn’t they call it Clintongate?”
Bob Bitman of Kenneth Star's prosecution team called Clinton, "...very experienced at misleading people.” There is the understatement of the year. Clinton has offered himself up as the sacrificial lamb, to be pardoned by Obama if necessary, while insulating the President from what he is guilty of: attempting to bribe a Senate candidate out of running for office, an impeachable offense.
This is what liberals do: ignore the law, cover the truth, deflect blame. Remember in November.

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