Saturday, May 8, 2010

"Legal Immigrants" to U.S.: Enforce the Law!

Glenn Beck this week had on his show 40 plus legal immigrants, all of whom supported Arizona's tough immigration law. Some had some harsh words for the supporters of "Open borders.":
"As a former teacher, you teach your kids rules and regulations ... you want to set the [rules] with the child. I believe in the countries that we come from...our laws were either being bought or being trumped by corruption and we come here to look for that."
"You can't have it both ways. Someone who's fickle you can't respect. ...So how can you respect a country where on the one hand you have to go through all  these rules and regulations ...  be smart ...or be wealthy enough...On the other hand you look across the street and [you see], "well if I was a fast runner I could have just run across the border and we can both buy cars and both have the same privileges. In essence the country loses respect from the rest of the world."
Watch the responses for yourself:

The rest of the show can be found on Youtube.

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