Sunday, May 16, 2010

More Reasons to Boycott Grijalva

Some have called SB 1070 an attempt to "fool" Arizonans' into looking for a trite solution to immigration concerns.
The real attempts to fool Arizona and the rest of the country is Grijalva and the Dems. The teeth of the Bush Administration's Border policy was Section 287(g) agreements and the Secure Communities Program. Highly successful (I talked to several Border Patrol Officials last year who said they felt they were finally turning the corner on stopping the flow through Yuma County), these programs drove amnesty Nazis like Grijalva crazy, and the Obama administration's first order of business was to dismantle and defund them quietly over the last year. According to the Heritage Foundation:
In the seven years since ICE started using section 287(g), roughly 66 state and local agencies have entered into MOAs resulting in roughly 1,000 law enforcement officers being "deputized" to enforce federal immigration law. Even more importantly, over 120,000 individuals have been identified as illegal immigrants under the program.
According to Heritage, in mid 2009, under former Governor Napolitano, the Obama administration began changing the rules of the 287(g)s apparently responding to efforts of Amnesty groups like those Grijalva draws support from. Napolitano should be ashamed of herself for administering the changes. Grijalva's recent request that the Feds stop cooperating is ridiculously moot, since the process has already started. The real fools are any voters who believe 1070 is unconstitutional. SB 1070 simply allows local law enforcement to continue to operate under the successful guidelines they had been, holding drug and human traffickers until they can be identified and prosecuted by the Feds. SB 1070 is not as effective as BP doing it's job, but it does shine a light on the travesty of Obama's "changes" designed to lead to amnesty.

Government does not solve problems; it subsidizes them.
Ronald Reagan

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