Monday, May 17, 2010

Border Collapse Brings "Return of La Raza"

For the first time in 30 years the Ethnically divisive La Raza/Aztlan student organization has reared its head in Tucson. A Contradiction of Beliefs, the Brown Berets are for 2nd Amendment rights, against due process. In favor of racial preferences (and undocumented immigrant voting rights), against police brutality.  Here is their "modernized manifesto":
  1. We fight for the unity of all our people, regardless of age, income, or political philosophy. The ties that bind us are Chicanismo and our land Aztlan.
  2. We demand the right to bi-lingual education as guaranteed under the treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.
  3. We demand a Civilian Police Review Board, made up of people who live in our community, to screen all police officers, before they are assigned to our communities.
  4. We demand that the true history of Chicanos be taught in all schools in the southwestern states, known as Aztlan.
  5. We demand that all police officers in Chicano communities must live in the community and speak Spanish.
  6. We want an end to the “Urban Renewal Programs” that replace our barrios with high rent homes for middle-class people and “big box” stores. As guaranteed under the Constitution we a right to have our lands and home and not be threatened by “imminent domain” favoring the wealthy and large corporations.
  7. We demand a guaranteed annual income of $45,000 for all Chicano families. The restitution that we demand for over 150 years of American occupation and oppression of our lands and people is just and reasonable in that we are willing to honorably work to succeed in life; we do not want hand outs.
  8. We demand that the right to vote be extended to al of our people regardless of their “legal status” in this country. If they are here working, paying their taxes to this government, helping to strengthen the country with their labor and money they should have the right to voice their vote.
  9. We demand that Chicanos be tried by juries of their peers consisting of only Chicanos.
  10. We demand the right to keep and bear arms to defend our communities against racist police, as guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

One of the more humorous descriptions on their website regards immigration. Here is a quote:
Illegal immigration started with power and land hungry, gold digging Europeans that were wiping themselves out. They were miserable barbarians that would wage countless wars, wipe out entire civilizations, enslave different races and even themselves, they were filthy and were full of plagues, they destroyed their environment, had a corrupt degraded society, with a political system that served the politicians and upper class and shitted on the population. Hmmm, that sounds like America today doesn’t it? WOW, things haven't changed, just names I guess. America is New England!! It is merely an extension of the old order of things.
 Oh, the last time this radical group made the scene in Arizona? The 1970s. Raul Grijalva was a member.

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