Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How Can Two Congressmen Both Be Right on Healthcare Bill?

 Two Congressmen spoke out strongly this week about the House healthcare bill headed to reconciliation after Christmas.
The first, Our own Raul Grijalva:
Progressives have pushed strongly for a robust public option throughout this process for one reason: because all objective analyses have found it to be effective. Economic and health care experts have shown it to be the single best means to create competition in the insurance industry and to save the government hundreds of billions of dollars in the long run. The Congressional Budget Office has scored a public option as a massive benefit to taxpayers and insurance consumers, and it remains the centerpiece of my hope for substantive health care reform.
 Grijalva is convinced that his socialized option will fix all of the problems with health care in this country. Or is he? The CBO makes no such claims of "massive benefit" to taxpayers. In fact, the CBO and Grijalva can only account for savings when tax surcharges and a decrease in Medicare benefits begin two years before the plan is implemented. And economists and doctors are largely undecided on the benefits of the House plan. Grijalva seems unfazed by these realities, but others are not.

One of Grijalva's colleagues, Rep. Parker Griffin of Alabama,  has switched parties as a result of the Healthcare debate in the House.
According to Griffin, the Democratic Party, having moved far to the left, "is at a crossroads."
According to Griffin, there is no longer a place in the Democratic Party for a "pro-life, pro business, pro Second Amendment person like himself." A radiation oncologist who founded a cancer treatment center, Griffith cited the Democratic health care bill as a major reason for his switch.

“I want to make it perfectly clear that this bill is bad for our doctors, our patients and will have unintended consequences far beyond what we know today,” he said. “As a doctor and as a Republican, I plan to once again oppose this measure and hope that we can defeat this bill that is a major threat to our nation.”

So who should you believe? Griffin, a doctor who is willing to change parties over a healthcare bill he feels will destroy this country, or Grijalva, who has worked tirelessly to siphon federal dollars for healthcare clinics for illegal immigrants?

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