Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Democrats sponsor bill that would force Puerto Rico Statehood

The House is likely to vote tomorrow on a bill created last year. The bill, deceptively presented to Republicans in Congress as nonbinding, would allow Progressives who control Puerto Rico's legislature to force a vote on statehood.
It would propose two votes designed to force an up or down vote on statehood or independence:
While the vote is presented as nonbinding, Progressives in Puerto Rico propose to seat representatives and Senators immediately after the vote, demanding recognition of their statehood based on results of the vote. Puerto Rico could become the 51st state before the end of the year.
The New York Post exposed this sham last year in an Op Ed piece by Eddie Garcia.
Puerto Rico's Pedro Pierluisi and House Progressives are hoping to sneak this by while the debate over immigration in Arizona is raging. 
Call Congressman Grijalva and other Representatives from Arizona and urge them to vote down this attempt to create and additional state (presumably Democratic voting) without properly seeking the will of the citizens of Puerto Rico.

Update: After several Bipartisan attempts to block the bill, the Puerto Rican Amnesty bill passed on Thursday. This attempt by Democrats to add 21 members to the House of Representatives and 2 Senators, now goes to the Senate. For updates see

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