Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why You Won't See Dems Leaving White House Like Rats....

During most president administrations there comes a time when officials begin to step down, either because of the stress of the job or because the s*** is hitting the fan. Well, for the Obama administration, the latter of the two has begun and will probably continue. Unfortunately, those waiting for all those liberal policy wonks to flee like rats will have a while to wait. Why? the answer is simple economics: Democrats "love" government jobs, Republicans despise them.

Starting with Reagan, policy officials were appointed from the private sector. Economic advisers were business leaders with executive experience and "can do" military retirees. Hence, the reason why Reagan could spend so much time in California on a horse while things ran smoothly in Washington. The Bush's followed this same model. Corporate executives and military people were attracted to lower paying government appointments because it was a step to book deals and lobbyist connections. These people understood government service as just that: service, a loss of income to improve country for a brief time.

The difference with Obama? Obama's appointments are academics, union leaders and community organizers. They have low to middle government salaries. Most have never risked capital to create revenue in their lives, they have no concept of it. Working in the White House is the pinnacle of their existence and they won't give it up unless Obama himself asks them to step down (which he won't). They believed in the Hope and Change before Obama did. They will not leave until the president does and when they do, we will have to tear the power like White House silverware out of their cold dead hands.

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