Sunday, April 11, 2010

Grijalva's Gift to Arizona . . . and America: Now They Tell Us

News outlets are now reading the Obamacare Regulations, and finding the truth: This is not a bill to fix healthcare, but a vehicle for taxing Americans without calling it a tax.

According to CNN's Money, the plan includes all of the taxes and bureaucracy of the most expensive health insurance states like New York, and none of the competitive functions of plans available in Arizona. Because the system penalizes people who don't buy the resulting higher insurance, according to Money it amounts to an additional tax for young entrepreneurs and cooperative plans who must buy insurance at the higher rate or pay a tax. When insurance costs skyrocket, which they surely will, many will simply pay the tax. What it means for the rest of us is that competitive markets like Arizona will have to adopt the higher costs of restricted markets, resulting in higher insurance prices. thanks Raul, your a pal! What was the name of your opponent in November? Oh yeah, the rocket scientist. Ruth McClung.

Next on the list of taxes/not taxes? The Value Added Tax, or VAT tax (government taxes business as much as they want and consumers payin higher prices) is coming, but it's not a tax, and if it is, it only affects the wealthy--right!

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