Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Law Brings Debate to the Political, Legal Forefront

Governor Jan Brewer's decision to confront border security head on has resulted in a necessary debate over the legalities and jurisdiction of enforcing immigration laws. But it also puts the Obama administration's immigration policy between a rock and a hard place. Columnists throughout the country are putting in their two cents on the issue. New York Times editorials by Rich Lowry and Steve Huntley tap the frustration of voters with immigration policy as it has been handled by the Obama administration. Meanwhile George Will addresses the legal issues.
Lindsey Graham, speaking for Republicans in the Senate, has asserted that any immigration bill will be dead on arrival unless the administration does more on border security. Brewer's decision, while angering many Hispanics, has created another front in the battle for the midterm elections. It has rallied conservatives, but will it also rally the Progressives of the Obama/Grijalva base in Southern Arizona? That remains to be seen. Caught in the middle and crucial in November will be legal Hispanic American voters. Will they side with Grijalva's LuLAC extremism against the law or as with Prop 200, side with reasonable enforcement of law in Arizona? The debate has begun.

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