Saturday, April 3, 2010

Obama, Dems Action ALL Politically Motivated

Many Americans were caught up in the announcement this week that the Obama Administration will "allow" exploration leases for offshore drilling in the coming months. Think the administration is changing it's tune about energy policy? Not on your life! As Heritage's Morning Bell explains, the announcement covers the cancellation of other drilling leases and is just an opening for Cap and Trade legislation later this month.

In other news, Obama who campaigned that he would not allow lobbyists in his administration, used recess appointments to bring the number of times he has broken that promise to 15, According to the Washington Examiner. The number includes some of the most liberal lobbyists in Washington, most notably Card Check advocate Craig Becker, who advocates using the National Labor Relations Board to impose mandatory Union membership in every state.  According to
"Becker wrote in a 1993 Minnesota Law Review article that "traditional notions of democracy" should not necessarily apply in union elections. He argued that employers should not have legal standing in such elections, and as such they should be barred from attending NLRB hearings about union elections, and from challenging election results."
 Finally, this week, Veronique de Rugy, Senior research Fellow at George Mason University, summarized her analysis of Obama's stimulus package, where money has been spent, and its effect on the economy.Through detailed statistical analysis, de Rugy concludes that the primary factor in distribution of stimulus funds was . . . .political. Accounting for multiple economic factors, Democrat districts received nearly twice what Republican districts did. Furthermore, the results of stimulus spending has been to REDUCE the number of jobs overall. Her summary of the report can be found in her National Review column.

So in summary, three of Obama's biggest promises to the American people: 1-new energy initiative, 2-an end to lobbyists in Washington, 3-creating jobs in the private sector; have been broken, tossed aside and ignored in little over a year. What does that say for the next three?

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