Sunday, August 2, 2009

Expanding the Cash for Clunkers Program

Obama's stimulus package is a complete failure. The exception is the wildly popular Cash-for-Clunkers program originally budgeted for one billion dollars, which has been committed in the first week of the program. Proponents of the program figured that the cash would keep the program in operation until November. It lasted one week. The bureaucrats in Washington stumbed upon something that works in a sagging economy: Giving people incentives and a choice to keep more of their money!
Congress is so excited about this novel idea that they have added two billion to the Cash for clunkers program and speculations abound about expanding it to other consumer products: Televisions, Computers, recycling services, maybe even taxes. These are all great ideas, but they don't go far enough in fixing what is broken.
I propose we expand the rebate program to government. We'll call it the "Cash for Congressmen" program. Voters in each congressional district can trade their wasteful, cash-guzzling representative in for a more efficient one and save up to $4,500 in taxes each year. The rebate could be based on the voting record of each congressman for failed "stimulus spending" and the money given to the campaign of any candidate running against them who promises to balance the budget and cut the deficit (a radical concept, I know). This program would do two things: it would hold the present members of Congress accountable and would help to stimulate the economy by allowing millions of Americans to keep their money and spend it on what they want. The cap on the program would be 50 billion, a drop in the bucket by the Obama administration spending standards, and would bring real change to America and excite the electorate in an off election cycle. Write your Congressman today!

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