Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fairness Doctrine, More Fair than Ever

In their never ending attempts to intrude on American's lives, the Obama administration is making overtures towards re instituting the once declared unConstitutional (only they won't call it the Fairness Doctrine so now it will be Constitutional. The logic of libs continues to amaze me).
According to the Heritage foundation, FCC officials and the Obama administration had promised to abide by a Federal court interpretation which struck down the guideline, which required radio stations to give equal time to all opposing viewpoints of any opinions expressed. However, according to Heritage, Marc Lloyd was recently put in charge. of the review board that oversees this area. Lloyd has spoken favorably about re instituting Fairness Doctrine rules under a different name.
According to Lloyd, the FCC won't edit content, just threaten to take away licenses of stations who don't show "diversity" and give them to applicants who are better able to serve the "public interest":
"There are still more people who want these licenses than the government is able to satisfy. In exchange for this very valuable and scarce license, and federal protection against “pirate” (unlicensed) radio operators, broadcasters are supposed to operate in the public interest. That’s the deal. The broadcasters like the free license and the free protection, but they just don’t want the public involved in telling them whether they are actually serving the public interest."
So be prepared. KBLU in Yuma is already bowing to pressure from FCC regulators for having to many conservative talk show hosts. Starting in September, former Democratic legislator Teresa Ulmer (now a "community organizer/political consultant) will host a show with "alternative" views on weekday mornings.

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