Thursday, August 13, 2009

What it all Means: more power to the powerful

After reading a number of articles from this week's Yuma Daily Sun, and blogs from across the country, I have a better understanding of the Obama administration's plan on health care (and on other issues as well). In short, this administration is only interested in power, in gaining it, keeping it, and in using it to advance the most liberal agenda in the history of this country.
Two things have happened this week in Yuma that reflect a change in the way Democrats are "dealing with the Health care "fiasco" they have created. On Tuesday, the sun published an announcement that State Senator Amanda Aguirre and Assistant House Democratic Leader Kyrsten Sinema would co-host a private forum in Yuma Saturday. the forum was billed as a "Town Hall meeting." I've never heard of a private town hall meeting, maybe they have them in other places (like Russia) but my instinct tells me there are other reasons for this meeting than to hear private concerns about the Health Care bill.
Then yesterday, Raul Grijalva announced a "town hall meeting" scheduled for this morning in Yuma in a small office (probably in response to a massive email assault on his office to hold a meeting here). Again, I am sure there are places on the planet that have public meetings where they don't give the place or time until a few hours before (the meeting wasn't even posted on Grijalva's website, Facebook page, or his reelection website (I like to call that the ra ra ravalia page) but mostly those places are ruled by dictatorial regimes.
Both of these meetings were obvious attempts to 'seem' democratic' without actually having to answer to anyone. BUT I THINK THERE IS ANOTHER AGENDA AT WORK HERE
As I said before, this administration is all about power. The reality is that a leader that wants to stay in power, can't look bad and right now Obama is looking pretty bad. But the evil part of this thing is that he is not about to give in on Nationalizing Health Care. I am pretty certain the Grijalva meeting was simply to shore up support among his hardcore base here in Yuma. If they come to a meeting early, blocking access to anyone who disagrees with the congressman, then they will feel supported, a small victory, but an important one in a Republican stronghold like Yuma.
The saturday meeting is a different kind of shoring of support. Obama has used all of his political clout and arm twisting abilities as president-elect and now president to shore up support for Healthcare reform among the medical community. The unwritten law in the writing of any government legislation that affects your business is to make sure you come out on the right side. If it appears that the Health care bill will fail, then health businesses will begin opposing it, essentially bailing on Obama. I am quite sure the meeting on Friday is to shore up support among health care leaders and is probably happening quietly around the country. the bottom line is that the fight over healthcare is moving away from the front lines and into the back rooms. the Democrats never cared about americans' opinions on health reform from the start, or they would have held town hall meetings before writing this legislation.
Like the National Socialists of the 1920s and 1930s, the Democrats are pushing government control of every aspect of society. They are not concerned about public opinion insofar as poll data, their only concern is that their message seems reasonable and can be justified. They want what they believe is "good" for Americans and are willing to spend us into oblivion to do it. Our opinions do not matter and our votes will not matter to them until next year. That gives them enough time to screw things up and justify and twist the truth after the fighting is over.

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