Sunday, August 16, 2009

Long Hard fight over Health Care ahead

A month ago, the Obama administration and Congress were thinking their comprehensive health reform bill with public payer option (government funded) would sneak into law with little debate similar to the much-touted stimulus package. Now the debate has been joined, and Obama has staked his political future on passage of a Health Care bill.
The fight has been joined by voters who see through the lies of the Democratic health reform agenda, but it is not over.
Obama, who just two weeks ago said that health care "wasn't personal," now is telling stories about his grandmother and telling audiences how this, "has become personal for me." The Obama administration will spend millions of dollars in the coming weeks to push passage of a health care bill that will cost trillions, and they will twist the arms of health industry corporations to do the same.
While Obama talks out of one side of his mouth how he will reform the industry, on the other hand his administration is making backroom deals with Pharmaceuticals, promising better profit margins in the bill in exchange for support. This is nothing short of National Socialism, an alliance between government and business to use propaganda to achieve profits and power. there is now big money involved in this and the president is not going to back down short of a complete collapse of the initiative by the industry. His shoring up of that support this week makes that unlikely.
that does not mean that passage of a public option is certain. But people who have come out in droves to town hall meetings cannot just go home and assume this thing is over. The next step is removal of the public option from any reform. Then lower costs of the program. 2010 means midterm elections and senators and reps who tried to push this monstrosity need to pay for it at the polls. It is a long, uphill road ahead, but Democracy is on the side of the people.
Remember the real issues:
1) Who will pay for this?
2) The government cannot be trusted
3) Who will pay for this?
When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

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