Monday, August 24, 2009

Grijalva Blames says Town Hall anger just White Hatred at Losing Election to a Black Man

Grijalva thinks thousands of angry people at town hall meetings across the country are just angry "Birthers" who think Obama stole the election.
Grijalva, taking softball questions during an interview with liberal Arizona Illustrated said:
"I think many of the people showing up, there's an underlying sense of fear, there's a sense of illegitimacy with our President, and therefore I think much of the irr is the fact we lost and we can't deal with it."

Grijalva must be spending too much time in Washington, surrounded by Nancy Pelosi groupies. To say that thousands of people (including a black man who was beaten by union thugs in St. Louis) who are concerned about the cost and failure of current government-run health care are just Republican agitators, is like saying Woodstock was a government hoax. Grijalva and his progressives got caught trying to force a juggernaught socialist bill on Americans and they don't want to have to explain or justify it. Grijalva's own irr was clear in his statement just prior to his angry birther comment:
"For eight years, I served under President Bush, did I . . . chafe under it? Apsolutely. But that's the system. That's democracy. You tolerate it and you wait for your day."
See, it's not the Republicans who are angry about losing the election, it's the liberal Democrats. Grijalva and the liberals are still stuck back in 2000, when, in their minds, Al Gore should have won, their liberal agenda would have already had eight years to ferment, without the cost of the Afghan and Iraq Wars (because terrorists don't attack progressive countries, only imperialistic hate filled war-mongering ones). If you take the time to read Grijalva's slow meandering speeches, you will find these opinions peppered throughout his comments. Grijalva is convinced that the Progressive liberal agenda is far more important than national security or debt. Terrorism is Bush's fault. The Deficit is Bush's fault. A mine in Santa Rita would be Bush's fault. It is the liberal's turn now, America, shut up, quit wee-weeing yourself, don't bother us, go home, lock the doors and let us run the country.

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