Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Southern Arizona too hot for Congressman Grijalva?

HR 3200, the Health Care bill from Hell, is suddenly getting a dose of democracy (with a small d). Constituents across the country are reading the bill and are giving lawmakers an earful.
The worst thing about the proposed Health care bill for Southern Arizona is the lack of input we have. Not One of our three representatives has plans for town hall meetings in the area during their month long recess. Senator MccCain is conducting online surveys, Jon Kyl is visiting talk shows, apparently preparing for a 2012 presidential bid. Worst of all is our District 7 representative Raul Grijalva, who is ignoring phonecalls and conducting Youtube press conferences in the safety of the Capitol in Washington. Grijalva's first appearance in Arizona will be a $200 per plate fundraiser September 13th for supporters only. Yuma residents need to email their representatives asking them to make an appearance to explain their position on this bill and take questions. It's part of their job whether they like what they hear or not.
Grijalva particularly has chosen to isolate himself from his constituents, choosing to communicate only with supporters on his Facebook page in order to avoid the embarrassing confrontations other Congressmen have faced. On this page, he brazenly touts to his supporters how he will withhold his vote from any legislation that does not lead to universal healthcare, despite the trillion dollar price tag.
"A majority of our members prefer single payer," Grijalva and Woolsey say in the letter, referring to a system of government-funded, government-run universal health care that famously never survived congressional consideration back in 1993 and 1994 — the last time Washington tried to drastically expand coverage. Is Grijalva so arrogant to think, first, he represents all of Southern Arizona with his demands for Universal Healthcare and soaring deficit spending, and second, that he can sabotage any healthcare reform if he doesn't get his way? Or is he just afraid to hear what you have to say? Either way, if past experience is any indication, if you disagree with him, he really doesn't want to hear from you. Southern Arizona is too hot in August anyway, so he'll spend it in Washington and hope you forget his arrogance when you go to vote in 2010.

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