Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Questions to ask Grijalva about 'Public Option'

Today, Representative Grijalva will walk into Yuma looking for a fight. I think its time to give him one. Grijalva, a key advocate for HR 3200 in the House, has said he and his Progressive Caucus will not vote for a health care reform bill without a "Public Option." A GOOD QUESTION TO ASK GRIJALVA IS THE QUESTION ASKED BY ZACK Lane of Obama in Colorado several days ago:

There are other questions, that would be good to ask:
How, Mr. Grijalva, can you say that a public option will reduce costs when the two state health care models, Virginia and Massachusetts are millions of dollars in the red?
When the administration can't even administer a car rebate program, and when Medicare and Medicaid are billions in debt, how can we trust you with health care?
How do you propose to pay for it?
Grijalva has already answered these questions, but I think it will be fun to watch him squirm in front of a non-ACORN, La Raza audience.

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